Country analysis

Check for all countries where you plan to work:

human rights
custom duty GSP status
political situation
relevant ressources (fabric, accessories, work force,….)

Where can you get what ?

Pakistan: is one of the leading producers of cotton with a perfect staple length for the production of denims. Cotton is picked by hand! Denim and jeans production since the 50s. A big number of mills and garment producers, a lot of high class completely vertical setups. Very high standard of fabrics and production quality.

Bangladesh: together with China the biggest producer of jeans, globally. No cotton available but an increasing number of mills. As Bangladesh is still considered to be a low cost country for jeans production, the quality of their denims is reasonable and matching to the needs of the local producers. A few huge factories (vertical setups) who are doing a big and important part of the production in a very good quality and a lot of little garment producers who are doing these low cost jeans. Fabrics are imported from (Pakistan, India, China, Turkey – just to name the most important). Difficult for high quality in smaller order volumes.

China: best source for man made fibers and blended fabrics. A big part of the chinese mills are exporting the biggest part of their production. Sophisticated fabrics, knitted denims, aso are best from China. In certain regions, the workers switch to other industries because the wages are higher.

Turkey: important country for denims and the production of jeans. High level of experience and the possibility to produce as well smaller volumes in a very good quality.

Tunisia: is you can’t get your fabric from SWIFT, you have to import it. High standard of production and washing.

Vietnam: is producing the biggest part of its production for the american market

Etiopia: will need some time – they just started – just basics

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