Ranking the countries for purchasing and suppliers

As I wrote before, purchasers, the sourcing guys, product developers and as well product managers are just in for the money. Lets put it this way – if we don’t do our job properly, the company will not earn enough money. OK, the product must be good and should be what our consumer wants to buy.

Whatever I write here, is not rocket technology but just the stuff what common sense asks us to do and what we heard already hundred times.

Last post was about the start, the basics – the famous fact finding mission. After we collected the informations, we rated countries and suppliers.


Rating of suppliers (potential suppliers)

Important informations for us have been

grade of verticality (spinning – weaving – garment production – laundry)

capacity of the supplier

our share of his capacity (how important are our orders)

ability to produce smaller volumes

his other clients (from your continent?)

his suppliers

communication skills

r&d ?



our past experiences with this factory

strenght – weakness – options – threats (SWOT analysis)

% of sales at regular price

% of sales at reduced price


collect as well all available informations regarding the countries where you are buying or where you could probably purchase your products


country analysis

human rights

custom duty

political situation


You should collect all informations which are important for You and the company, you are working for. Most important are always communication skills – if you and your supplier don’t understand each other any business will be difficult.

Visit all countries and visit your suppliers – what you see is what you get. If you just read the profiles, there are just very good factories and all of them are somewhere leaders and experts.

Set up a table with informations which you want to collect and ask each supplier (or potential one) in future the same questions.

Even if you see you have been bullshitted and you will never collaborate with this company, stay polite. The guy might know someone whom you need. If a collaboration has to stop or is not possible, please inform the people why – they might want to change something.

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